About You

Yes, I know that link usually says “About Us” however we believe that you are like us. You see we believe that you are either raising a family, you’re in some type of family dynamic, or you come from a family of some sort. Hey, that is just like us. We also believe that you, enjoy laughing and smiling by reading or hearing some form of silly, fun, sarcastic humor or just some encouraging words. That’s like us too. But we also believe that when you go online to spend your hard-earned dollars you want a quality product from a business that cares and one that you can trust. What do you know, we do too.

So that’s why we choose quality products, printed by quality printers and designs we actually spend time on and not just sell you some quick cheap knock off.

You see here at Grumpy Dad Apparel we are a family owned and family run business that have a lot of funny and encouraging life experiences. During our 30 years of marriage and raising 5 kids, we have heard, seen, and experienced a lot of really silly, funny, sarcastic and just plain stupid things.

Our simple designs are inspired by those things and seek to make you smile with products we offer to you. And you know what else? We believe they will make you smile because they will be real and something you can relate to. That’s why we smile, and laugh isn’t it? Because it’s real and relatable or it’s encouraging.

But in the rare case that you don’t see something that you can relate to it’s probably because we haven’t got the design done yet or because maybe your journey and silly moment is a pretty crazy one and hey, we want to hear about it. So, send it over to us here and who knows maybe you will see a shirt in our store soon with your funny on it. And if we do make your funny, we will  send you a free one to enjoy and show off.

Side Note: In case you were wondering, "What’s with the name?" Well did you see we’ve been married for 30 years and raised 5 kids? Somewhere along that journey you’re going to hear one of your kids or wife say, “Uh Oh dad’s grumpy today”. Not my finer moments for sure, but it’s a catchy name and I’m a lot happier knowing you’re here.

So, go grab a tee and put a smile on Grumpy Dads face.